How to Put on a Belt Buckle

how to put on a belt buckle
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If you are looking to make a fashion statement, belt buckles are often the way to go. They can change your look in an instant. If you are on the hunt for a good belt buckle, you can often find them at flea markets, specialty stores, and novelty stores.

If you are looking for a particularly unique belt buckle, you often have to do some searching or visit a convention that is tailored to that interest. If you want to make your belt into a fashion accessory, you need to know how to put on a belt buckle.

What Makes Up a Belt?

Before you learn how to put on a belt buckle, you should first understand the mechanics and anatomy of a belt. This also means knowing if your belt can even have its buckle changed, as some belts do not allow it. Most belts have just two parts: the strap and the buckle.

Some belts also have an end tip or a keeper loop. The end tip is usually made from metal. If it is a cloth belt, the end tip is usually leather. The end tip protects the belt ends from getting frayed or otherwise damaged. Once the belt is buckled, the keeper loop keeps the end of the buckle that is free in place. This prevents it from flapping and moving around.

In some belts, the buckle and the strap are permanently joined. In this case, you won’t be able to change the belt buckle. However, in some other instances, the buckle and strap can be taken apart. If you have a belt that can be taken apart, you can switch out the belt buckle.

Swapping the belt buckle means that you can use your belt to make endless fashion statements. Use it as a permanent accessory that can be altered to suit your current clothing. It can match a certain color scheme or just the overall theme of your look.

Different Types of Belt Buckles

There are a few different types of belt buckles. Knowing what kind of belt you have will make choosing a new belt buckle easier.

  • Formal Belt Buckles

Nearly all formal belts will have a frame-style kind of buckle. This is when the strap goes right through the frame of the buckle. The buckle’s prong then goes through the holes in the strap, fastening the belt shut.

  • Dress Belt Buckles

If you have a dress belt, the buckle will be different. It is most often very sleek and shiny and can often be silver or gold in its color. In addition, it is usually much flatter and smaller than the kind of buckles you find on more casual belts.

  • Cowboy Belt Buckles

A plate-style belt buckle is most often detachable, and the belt usually has snaps. The plate is typically quite decorative. A good representation of a plate-style belt buckle is the kind you think of when you conjure images of a cowboy belt.

  • O- or D-ring Belt Buckles

O-Ring and D-Ring belt buckles have either one or two rings that make up the buckle’s form. They are in the shape of an O or D. The belt itself is fastened by threading the belt through the ring. These belts are usually quite casual and can be canvas or even braided.

A box frame buckle is hollow, open-ended, and made of metal. There is not a need for holes in the strap of these belt buckles, and the post holds the strap against the inside of the box.

how to put on a belt buckle

How to Put on a Belt Buckle: A Step-by-Step Guide 

If you want to know how to put on a belt buckle, you can follow the steps highlighted below. Not all types of belts have buckles that can be changed, which is something to keep in mind as you inspect your belt.

Step 1: Double-check your belt.

You need to make sure that the belt you plan on using can actually have its buckle changed. It is often the more expensive belts that allow you to change the buckle. For example, canvas or braided belts may or may not have a buckle that you can change.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that, in most cases, if your belt has snaps or studs along the end of it, you will be able to change the buckle.

Step 2: Position the belt buckle.

Put the belt buckle you plan on using right next to the end of the belt. This will help you make sure that the buckle is facing in the right direction.

Step 3: Attach the buckle.

Depending on your belt and buckle, you now want to unsnap the snaps that are at the end of the belt if you want to push the studs through their holes. This serves to free up the end of the belt.

You will find these snaps or studs, whichever is on your belt, on the inside end of the belt. You can pull up on one side to view the snaps or studs.

Next, feed the belt’s end through the loop in your chosen buckle. The end of the buckle should maneuver to align the holes or snaps with the studs. Then, figure out what kind of connectors are used by your belt.

Reattach the end of the belt, which now has your buckle attached to it. If your belt has snaps, make sure you snap them back together. If your belt uses holes or studs, make sure you push the studs all the way through the holes.

Step 4: Check out your look.

Now that you have attached your buckle to your belt, put the belt on. See how it fits, and make sure the buckle looks how you intended.

If you did not position the belt buckle properly, it might be upside down or lopsided. If that is the case, you need to remove it and then go through the above steps again.


Learning how to put on a belt buckle can help transform your entire outfit. You can match the buckle to your outfit’s overall theme, and it can really serve as an interesting accessory. Being able to change it out whenever you want can also mean that you get a whole lot more versatility of your belt.

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