Are Gucci Belts Unisex?

Are Gucci Belts Unisex
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When it comes to fashion, Gucci is one of the most prominent brands for both men and women. When looking for Gucci clothing, it’s typically clear what’s designed for men versus women. However, when it comes to accessories, it’s not always so clear-cut. This is very much evident in their belts.

Are Gucci belts unisex? It’s a common question many fashionistas want an answer to, but it’s not quite as simple as a yes or no answer. Let’s take a look at Gucci belts, the designs behind them, and which—if any—are meant to be unisex.

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The History of Gucci Belts

It was only a couple of years ago that what is now simply known as “the Gucci belt” was debuted. Such a piece of accessory from a high-end, cult designer like Gucci, which can easily be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe, spread like wildfire. Featuring a simple, double-G buckle, the belt splashed across everything from style guides to Instagram feeds.

Part of the appeal behind the design is its versatility. Gucci belts can be worn with everything from jeans to elaborate dresses and still look amazing. Not only that, but the belts seem to fit right at home with almost any style of wardrobe, too.

So, were the original Gucci belts unisex? Sort of. Featuring a wide band and a very elaborate, rounded double-G buckle that evokes a bit of sophisticated femininity, it certainly featured prominently on the wardrobes of women far more than men. That said, a handful of male models were spotted donning the iconic belt, although pulling off the look often required rather striking use of colors and elaborate dresses to counterbalance the prominence of the buckle.

The Influence of Imitations

As with any fashion phenomenon, and as is always the case with high-end designer products, a proliferation of counterfeit Gucci products hit the market. Among them were Gucci belts aimed at men, even though the original design made it difficult for most men to incorporate the belt into their wardrobe.

Of course, counterfeits and knock-offs were not necessarily constrained by the same size of the buckle or band and men’s fake Gucci belts typically incorporated smaller versions of both. In short order, belts that looked similar to the Gucci belt but were more inspired by its design than trying to be a direct rip-off began to spread, further opening the look to men.

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The Gucci Belt Today

Gucci debuted a new line of iconic belts during a 2019 runway show, although the products will not be shipped until later in the year. History is not only likely to repeat, but double-down, as Gucci not only stuck with the double-G buckle but also made it subtler.

It might seem counter-intuitive that a more understated belt would capture even greater attention, but these belts are slimmer and available in other variants that are distinct but recognizable. For example, one model features a pink or black leather band with an enameled double-G logo. Another, which is explicitly stated to be unisex, features a single G with a more masculine, angular shape and a slim band available in a variety of toned-down shades.

Perhaps Gucci took notice of what happened with counterfeiters modifying their belt design. At any rate, Gucci has taken on the same design choices in a big way, and those same design choices are precisely what allowed some men to don Gucci belts in the past—albeit, those belts were usually counterfeit.

Are the New Gucci Belts Unisex?

We can state with certainty that at least one of the Gucci belts in the 2019 lineup is explicitly designed to be unisex. Indeed, it almost looks designed to appeal to masculinity, with a more rugged, angular shape and a single-G buckle. Of course, it still looks iconic and is clearly Gucci. It would certainly be at home in a variety of men’s wardrobes, and it lends a very modern air to a female ensemble.

One great aspect for both men and women about the new belts is that the introduction of new band shades allows the belt to be paired with more colors of shoes. It also takes the focus away from the buckle, which may have a feminizing effect. Ultimately, more choices always open the possibility for an accessory to be increasingly unisex.

Ultimately, this means that we know all the belts are likely to accommodate men better, and at least one model is available for men and women. The real question, of course, is whether a belt that’s not explicitly designed for men will actually fit most men, and that can only be answered by a tape measure.

Also, it’s worth noting that whether something is explicitly designed to be unisex or not, especially in the world of accessories, does not mean that a member of a given sex can’t wear the item. There are certainly fashion dos and don’ts that each gender is expected to follow, and a sharp eye can incorporate almost any item into a wardrobe with a little work. Of course, those rules can be broken too, if you want. After all, the fashion police don’t serve warrants.


Are Gucci belts unisex? Increasingly, the answer is yes. While older Gucci belts were substantially more accommodating to women, it was possible for men to wear them with a good eye for fashion. The 2019 lineup, however, is explicitly aimed at being more unisex by design and features more options to fit any wardrobe, regardless of gender or style.

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