Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click Belt Review

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Men who are looking for a comfortable, versatile belt that looks just right at the office or handsome anywhere else will surely enjoy the Bulliant Leather Rachet Click Belts. With a proprietary Exact-Fitting System, gone are the classic belt holes and are now replaced several sliding positions for a perfect fit. Plus, resizing the belt to a custom length is as easy as a quick trim.

Not only does it have a classic look made from genuine leather, but wide varieties of color combinations of belts and buckles are available. Each unique belt is specially treated to last a very long time.

Do you want to know more about this click belt? Then, read on!

Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click Belt

41KK N5ZLeL. SL500

This great value is a bundle of two Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click Belts. Click belts are a relatively new innovation that enables wearers to get a more precise and comfortable fit. Instead of holes, click belts utilize many potential positions, in this case, 32, which simply click securely into place.

The best click belts provide more than just a great fit, however, and are able to be worn at any occasion. The Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click Belt is designed to be as handsome as it is comfortable.

Who Is this Product for?

Bulliant designs these click belts for men who are tired of belts that don’t fit right. Even with a proper fit, traditional belts can still leave a lot of wiggle room between holes. This results in having to choose between positions that are too loose or too tight.

As this is a common problem for men of all body types, it is a failure of traditional belts and makes the Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click Belt a great fit for any man.

What’s Included?

Bulliant sends their belts in beautiful paper gift boxes, which not only help protect the belts during transportation but are excellent presentations for a gift as well.

Overview of the Features

The features are where the Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click Belt really shines, starting with the custom fit. Most traditional belts have eight holes at most. Instead of holes, these belts have 32 sliding positions in the strap ratchet, allowing for a very precise and secure fit.

Additionally, the belt may be easily trimmed with a pair of sharp scissors. There are convenient marks on the inside of the belt to indicate where to cut in order to adjust the belt length to a specific size.

Though the belt is easy to cut with a pair of sharp scissors, it resists routine wear and tear exceptionally well. That’s because it starts life as genuine leather and is given a protective coating. The buckle is crafted from zinc alloy for optimum scratch protection.

Lastly, one of the best features of this belt is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the belt for any reason, Bulliant will offer a full refund or free replacement.

How to Use this Click Belt

Using the Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click Belt is simple. First, it is important to choose the correct fit even though it can be adjusted later. After deciding on the desired color combinations, select from three size ranges: 28 to 34 inches, 36 to 42 inches, and 42 to 48 inches.

With 32 positions to snap the belt securely into place, it will undoubtedly fit perfectly fine once it arrives, but there may be undesired extra length associated with tighter fits. Simply try on the belt, and try to determine whether adjustments are necessary or not.

If adjustments are needed to be made, trimming the belt is simple. Underneath the buckle is a groove-door, which can be opened with a screwdriver or any safe instrument that provides leverage for lifting it up. The strap then slides out. There are markings indicating where to cut, which correlate to waist sizes. With these, simply cut on the preferred waist size.

Finally, stick the strap back into the buckle and close the groove-door. Of course, this can’t be undone, so be sure not to overcut! Aside from scissors, the only tool necessary is any long, thin instrument to lift the groove door.


  • Great value for money
  • Trimmed for exact fit


  • May not last forever


A good alternative to the Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click Belt is the BadAss Apparel Clickbelt. It offers essentially the same functional design, including the sliding ratchet system rather than holes, and it may also be trimmed.

The key advantage to this belt is that it is made from imitation leather. While many consumers love genuine leather, a growing number of people are uncomfortable with the purchase of animal-based products. It is difficult to find a quality vegan belt, much less one with a ratchet system. For this reason, this belt is an excellent alternative.


Men who are tired of traditional belts that never fit quite right can opt for a ratchet system belt. Among such models, the Bulliant Leather Ratchet Click belt stands out for its satisfaction-guarantee, easy-to-trim design, and remarkable 20 color combinations that look gorgeous in casual environments or the office.

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