Calvin Klein Belt Buckle and Flat Strap Review

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Today, we’ll be reviewing a belt that stands out more than it fits in. It doesn’t stand out in an odd way, but in a way that shows off its unique and inspired design. Join us for this review while we help you decide if the Calvin Klein Belt Buckle and Flat Strap is a great choice to add to your wardrobe or not.

Selecting your favorite among men’s belts can seem like an impossible task once you are faced with the sheer volume of your options. There are thousands of different men’s belts that you could buy, and finding the right one for your needs can be hard.

When it comes down to it, however, you may start to realize that a lot of belts look very similar. They have similar classic-inspired designs that are made to be timeless. There’s nothing wrong with timeless, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out sometimes, either.

Calvin Klein Belt Buckle and Flat Strap

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The Calvin Klein Men’s Flat Belt With Plaque Buckle is a mid-range belt made by the popular brand, Calvin Klein. This 38mm belt is a modern take on the classic slide buckle style, but do the upgrades that it offers make sense for a modern man’s wardrobe? Let’s find out.

Who Is This Product For?

This belt from Calvin Klein is a great choice for anyone who wants a high-quality belt that looks great and unique without being gaudy or embarrassing. Some unique belts are too big or too flashy; this belt has just enough unique character to help it stand out without being overbearing.

This belt is also a great choice for anyone who is looking for a classic staple belt to add to their wardrobe. The moderate sheen on this belt and subtle design make it easy to wear with both formal and casual looks, so it can be used in a wide variety of ways.

People who like belts that have holes in them and prongs to close the belt will not like this belt, though. It uses a slider locking mechanism to hold the belt in place. Sliding belts are very easy to adjust and size, but they can be hard to use for people who don’t have as much control over their hands.

What’s Included?

This belt comes with nothing but the belt itself. Additionally, the product does not typically come with a Calvin Klein box.

Overview of the Features

This 38mm belt is made of 100% imported leather, and the design is very classic Calvin Klein in its simplicity. The buckle closure, as mentioned above, is a slide closure that has a logo-detailed plaque on the front.

While the logo-detailed plaque is a very nice feature to see on the belt, as well as aids in the overall appearance of the belt, it also wears off easily. Some men found that it was very easy to knick the paint on the sliding plaque. To avoid this from happening, it might be possible to treat the sliding buckle with a finishing spray to further lock the paint in.

The thick design of this buckle helps it to feel both sturdy and durable as you slide it on and off. It won’t easily tear around any prong holes because there aren’t any, and this does wonders for how long the belt will last with regular wear.

Since there are no holes or edge stitching on the belt, it has a very sleek and minimalist design. Belts that have edge stitching, metal prongs, and holes over the strap seem very traditional in their design, but that is not the case with this Calvin Klein belt.

How to Fit Your Belt Properly

One of the hardest parts of buying a belt is figuring out how to fit them properly. There are a lot of different ideas out there about how to choose the best fitting belt, but none of them can work for every single belt.

Generally speaking, you want a belt to always have more space than you need it to so that you can size up and down as needed for different days and pants. If using a pronged belt, look for one that has at least three extra holes above your size. For the best fit on this particular belt, it is recommended that you go one size up. This ensures that the belt will fit properly without pulling too much.


A big bonus of using a belt like this Calvin Klein belt, which doesn’t have prongs, is that you can just slide the belt to adjust its size. The only thing that you need to do beforehand is to make sure that the belt is long enough to wrap around you and past the buckle.

To close the belt, the end of the buckle simply slides into the slide and then is pulled tight. To release the belt, the pins on the sides are slide backward to loosen the tension.


  • Quality leather
  • Unique, modern design
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Can get a custom fit without making new holes
  • High-quality brand name


  • Paint durability issues
  • Limited color options
  • Non-traditional design


Calvin Klein Men’s Logo Buckle Belt

If you like the idea of this belt from Calvin Klein but want to go for a slightly different style, this similar sliding belt is a good option that you might find fits your look better.

Calvin Klein Men’s Textured Leather Belt

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If you want to go with something more traditional, Calvin Klein has belts like this one, which offers a more classic approach to what a belt should do and look like.


Overall, this Calvin Klein belt is a fantastic option for those who want to add a unique flair to their wardrobe without making too much of a statement. While the quality and character of this belt and its Calvin Klein belt buckle are noticeable, they aren’t jarring.

If you are hoping to update your wardrobe in a simple yet versatile way, investing in this Calvin Klein 38mm belt is a good option. It is easy to style and easy to wear; what other kinds of ease could you ask for?

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