Can You Wear A Flannel Shirt With Shorts?

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If you like keeping your bottom half cool and your upper half toasty, then pairing a flannel shirt with shorts is a perfect match for you. Even though flannel shirts are often matched with a pair of casual pants or jeans, they can be paired with something else.

So, can you wear a flannel shirt and shorts together? A flannel shirt and shorts are an acceptable outfit combination, as long as your shorts are made of the appropriate materials. For instance, flannels are frequently paired with chino, khaki, and denim shorts to create a cohesive look. Wearing a flannel shirt with gym shorts, on the other hand, should be avoided since the combo would seem quite unusual.

Follow along as we dive a bit deeper into the intricacies of choosing the right shorts and other clothing to pair with flannel shirts for the best fit possible.

What Is A Flannel Shirt And How Do I Wear One?

When it comes to flannel shirts, if you are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a shirt constructed from soft and woven cotton cloth. For centuries, farmers have worn a similar design because they appreciate the warmth of this cloth while working all day outdoors.

In the 1990s, flannel shirts gained popularity as they were recognized as a fashionable, contemporary, and trendy piece of apparel among the younger crowd. Over the years, this design has become popular among ladies and gents of all ages, and it’s excellent for anybody searching for an item of apparel that is both casual and easy to wear.

When Is It Appropriate To Wear A Flannel Shirt?

First and foremost, you must understand when a flannel shirt is okay to wear with shorts before you can even contemplate wearing them together. A flannel shirt is unquestionably an item of apparel that is meant to be worn casually. Consequently, many individuals only put on these shirts on in the garden, while doing outdoor activities, or at home, where they are the most comfortable clothing option to wear when you have some downtime during the working week.

Although this shirt is often worn in a more informal context, it does not imply that it is not fashionable. In reality, a flannel shirt and shorts are a terrific combination for a fashionable weekend outfit. In most circumstances, you can wear this to a casual lunch date or a laid-back pub with your buddies for a drink.

What To Wear With A Flannel Shirt

Because a flannel shirt has such a unique appearance and stark pattern, you’ll want to pay special attention to how you style it with your wardrobe. Although you are dressed for a casual event, avoid wearing baggy pants since they will make you seem as if you haven’t put any effort into your appearance.

When it comes to wearing a flannel with jeans, we recommend black ones over anything else. Black jeans are perfect for creating a stylishly edgy image. For footwear, a pair of boots or nice high top sneakers will perfectly complement your ensemble.

Additionally, many individuals like to wear a basic t-shirt beneath their shirt to keep them warm and comfortable. You could also wear a denim jacket over your flannel shirt if you want to dress it up a little further.

A flannel shirt may also serve as an excellent substitute for a light jacket during the warmer months. Moreover, if you’re feeling hot, roll the sleeves a bit to ensure they remain in place. You can also wear a solid-colored tee beneath it that compliments the colors in your ensemble and leave your flannel open or even take it off if you get too hot.

If shorts aren’t your style, you can simply dress up the look by wearing a pair of chinos or dark jeans on the lower half of your body. We always recommend clean, fitted jeans that aren’t too skinny, nor baggy, for the most flattering style. And no, not all jeans are the same.

This is essential for avoiding sloppy and out-of-style clothing that doesn’t suit your body shape. As with any piece of clothing, when choosing a flannel, make sure it fits correctly and in a manner that flatters your body type as well; it shouldn’t be too baggy, and it shouldn’t be too tight either.

Styling A Flannel Shirt With A Pair Of Shorts

Because flannels are often worn in a more informal situation, it is entirely appropriate to pair a flannel shirt with shorts, but when choosing this casual outfit, you will need to consider a few factors.

If you wear this, it’s best to do it in warmer weather since the combo would seem strange if worn in cooler temperatures. Shorts in the winter often remind us of school children refusing to wear a coat.

Your flannel should fit your body, and you should avoid wearing big pieces that dangle carelessly off your shoulders. In addition, we suggest that you test this combo out first with a basic flannel shirt before proceeding with it. While a plaid pattern may be worn with shorts, a less common solid-colored shirt is ideal if it’s your first time trying the look. 

As far as shorts are concerned, you’ll want to select a pair that is both simple and fits nicely on your frame. Don’t wear baggy shorts with an enormous flannel since it will end up looking sloppy. A solid-colored belt and a pair of nice (but not formal) shoes should be used to complete your attire for a cohesive appearance.

Which Shorts Are The Most Appropriate To Wear With A Flannel?

Out of all the options, chinos or khaki shorts are the favorites to pair with these shirts since they are comfortable and stylish. It’s best to go for patterned or straightforward shorts in a color that goes well with your shirt, rather than anything brighter. Shorts that cut off just above the knee have a very classy aspect to them, and they will serve to improve the overall look of the ensemble.

Denim shorts are also a terrific alternative to pair with a flannel shirt throughout the warmer months. Denim and flannel together is a classic combination that can’t really go wrong. Try to pick a deeper denim shade since darker hues look better on more people than lighter shades. 

As an alternative, black denim is a terrific choice since it offers your outfit an edgy and trendy appearance. Try to make your denim shorts fitted and slightly above the knee if you decide to go with them.

Shorts that should never be worn with a flannel shirt are the long baggy ones, such as exercise shorts. These will not only make you seem exceedingly messy, but they will also give the impression that you put no effort at all into your look. You’ll also want to avoid short running shorts or tight bicycling shorts since these articles are simply made for different occasions and completely clash.

As an additional precaution, avoid wearing shorts with any type of design on them. Incorporating more patterns into your ensemble will make it seem a bit too cluttered, which can detract from the general elegant appearance that a flannel delivers.

Other Different Ways To Wear A Flannel Shirt

Here are the various ways to wear a flannel shirt.

1. Rolled-Up Flannel Sleeves

This is another easy flannel style. Detach the buttons from your cuffs and roll your sleeves up to just above the elbow. This may be a terrific way to layer up during the close of summer and the beginning of autumn while still keeping cool in the residual heat. It’s also an excellent method to show off your forearms since it flatters them while highlighting their definition.

A flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons fastened offers a somewhat more put-together appearance than a casual shirt. To take it a step further, tuck your slim-fit flannel shirt inside a pair of slim-fit slacks and match it with a pair of Chelsea boots, and you’ve got yourself a pretty sophisticated outfit.

2. Flannel Shirt And Jeans

Denim and flannels are a classic combination that never goes out of style. With their ability to act as a neutral ground, jeans enable you to concentrate on the individual parts of your ensemble more effectively. 

A flannel shirt paired with jeans is the ideal go-to for a casual look. It’s one of the most utilitarian styles, but by changing up the accessories, you can completely transform your look.

The first thing to consider is the kind of flannel shirt you’re sporting. Is it more of a slim fit or a looser-fitting shirt? Just by buttoning up your flannel shirt or wearing a tee beneath it, and matching it with either boots or plain shoes, you’ve created four completely distinct looks.

A flannel shirt that is looser and heavier allows you to be more creative with the shirt you wear beneath. Given the variety of jeans colors available and the type of shoe options accessible, the outfit possibilities are almost limitless!

3. Layering Flannel Shirts

Layering is a fantastic method that can be used with all sorts of apparel and produces a synchronous and dynamic aesthetic. That is why wearing a t-shirt beneath your flannel or layering a coat over your flannel can generate different moods while also providing additional warmth during the winter months.

Adding a v-neck sweater over your flannel is another exciting way to address your shirt. Once you’ve done that, tuck up the sleeve-cuff of your flannel over the cuff of your sweater and you’re done! You have attained a distinct yet semi-casual style. 

Occasionally, circumstances may call for a certain level of elegance, and this is one technique for creating a more classy look.

4. Work-Appropriate Flannel

Although flannels are traditionally reserved for informal occasions, there are methods to generate a casual business mood with flannels. Slim fit flannels come in handy in this situation since anything looser would seem out of place with pants or trousers. 

Also, make sure to choose a flannel with the brightest and least ragged appearance. The process of pulling the look together will be considerably more straightforward!

Having found the appropriate skinny flannel, you can dress it up with a dark solidly colored tie and tuck it into your jeans for a more formal look. If you have a matching jacket, you can wear your shirt with the sleeves rolled down. 

To avoid seeming too formal at your office, just pull up the sleeves of your coat to be casual. Together, all of these tactics create an impression of informality while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

5. Flannel With A Hoodie

If you’re interested in experimenting with a more street-style aesthetic, flannel can certainly be included into your outfit. Flannels that are too loose might give the impression that you’re swimming in them, especially if they’re worn with nothing else below them. This is when you’ll be able to layer it over more bulky and long-sleeved items without feeling restricted.

Use an oversized fleece with plenty of space for flexibility to layer over a hoodie for a casual look. It is possible to get jackets that have patterns, including flannel ones, and they may be just as effective! 

The choices are almost limitless when it comes to the color combinations that may be achieved. Then, by pairing your outfit with a pair of matching shoes (we recommend high top sneakers or boots) you can truly pull your casual street style together.

6. Flannels In Red

Some of the flattering red flannels have a checkered design or a plaid flannel shirt pattern. When it comes to flannels, red is one of the most recognizable hues available. 

If you want to obtain a more rock-and-roll punk vibe, red flannels are the most acceptable color to wear to accomplish that effect. Pair it with a pair of blue or black denim to create a rock appearance that ranges from alternative to grungier in style.

7. Shirts With Flannel Trim Around The Waist

Though it may be controversial, there is no doubting that this is a daring appearance. When worn with boots and a leather jacket, you may produce a stylish look while demonstrating that you are not afraid to experiment with your wardrobe.

To accomplish this look, all you have to do is unbutton your flannel shirt, wrap it around your waist just below the waist level, and tie it off with your sleeves. By dressing in this manner, you can instantly elevate the attitude of your outfit, which is perfect for any casual day occasion or concert.

If you’ve ever been curious about this look, now’s your chance to find out! Take a strut down the street and see how it makes you feel about yourself. If you don’t like it, there’s a simple cure for that. It’s as simple as slipping your flannel right back on.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, a flannel shirt and shorts may be worn together, but only if the ensemble is well planned ahead of time, as is the case here. Consider your shorts material, length, and fit carefully before purchasing them. Avoid wearing an excessively baggy flannel.

Oh, and when in doubt, keep in mind that a flannel shirt and shorts are designed to be worn in a more relaxed situation. While this combination may be acceptable in a casual restaurant or bar setting, it will not work for more formal events.

Our goal has been to inspire you to experiment with this combo throughout the summer if you’ve read this far. In addition, if you liked this look into men’s fashion ideas, don’t hesitate to pick up a few flannels for yourself.

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