Can You Wear A Jacket With Shorts?

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During summer, you will frequently see individuals wearing a jacket with shorts, and you may be thinking if this is a style you can embrace. In many parts of the world, it has become more common to wear coats with shorts in recent years.

So, is it okay to wear a jacket with shorts? A jacket and shorts are great together if worn appropriately. This is likely not an acceptable combination for the workplace or formal events, but it is perfect for official functions or a destination wedding on the beach. An important tip is not to wear socks or shoes that go above the ankles.

Because just a few styles of shorts look excellent when coupled with a blazer, jean jacket, or other specific styles, you must be very selective in how you coordinate your outfit. In this article, you’ll get more information on when it is a good idea to wear a jacket with shorts.

When And Where Should You Wear A Jacket With Shorts?


This is a bold combo that you may have never attempted before, and you may not know when it would be suitable to pull it off. The first guideline you need to know is that you should never attempt to wear this ensemble in a formal situation.

Even though you may like wearing shorts, some people at the workplace may not be pleased to see them, especially in the midst of winter.

The combination of a jacket and shorts would be ideal for a cocktail party or a casual lunch with friends. Summer may make wearing pants all day tiresome, so you’ll appreciate the cool air on your legs.

A jacket and shorts are perfect for when you’re eating or drinking outdoors, particularly when combined with a light jacket over the top to keep you warm. However, must choose the appropriate jacket for this ensemble to look put together.

Rather than wearing your suit jacket for this informal combination, you’ll want to choose something more casual in nature. This will assist in making the shorts seem more coordinated and make you feel comfier.

Otherwise, you can end up looking top-heavy, mismatched, or frumpy.

What Styles Of Shorts And Jacket Should I Choose For My Outfit?


As previously said, this is a casual ensemble, and as such, both of the pieces must reflect this. You’ll want to wear a more formal pair of shorts, as well as a more casual blazer, to achieve the proper balance.

Always make sure that both articles are precisely tailored since there is nothing worse than shoddy sewing when attempting to create an original style. This is particularly true for your upper body, as a baggy jacket can give the impression that you haven’t put in any effort into your appearance.

For your jacket, choose a slim fit tailored to your body shape and proportions. Your material options are almost limitless, and if you’re searching for something a little more laid-back, a denim blazer may be the answer.

But cotton jackets are typically the common choice, and they are available in a broad range of colors and styles to suit any taste. Try to choose a jacket in a lighter color and avoid wearing something too formal, such as a black jacket.

When it comes to shorts, choose a stylish pair of cotton shorts that fall just above the knee. You should avoid wearing this outfit with excessively short shorts since your jacket will make it seem like you are wearing nothing!

Color-coordinate your shorts with your jacket to prevent clashing patterns and colors. White, navy, and grey are excellent colors to pair with a wide variety of coats.

What Else Could I Wear With My Shorts?

Shorts go well with a wide variety of shirts, whether you’re dressing for regular wear or smart-casual situations.

If you’re attending a smart-casual event, pairing your nice shorts with a classy, summery tee is a great choice. This is a terrific mix if you’re attending a beach wedding or lunch date since it still seems like you put in some effort.

As with all of our more casual outfits, we’d always suggest nice and clean sneakers like Vans or loafers for shoes to complete the look. If you intend to wear shorts for a special event, some guys choose to wear a shirt and vest instead of a jacket appropriate for warm weather.

This combo is popular among wedding attendees throughout the summer months, and it can look fantastic when adequately done! A light pullover may be worn on top to remain warm at a luncheon or family event, and it can also look terrific. 

Most of the things you would typically wear with trousers would work nicely with shorts, although they will likely need to be toned down a bit more casually. And don’t wear a long shirt or long jacket, as this can offset the entire look and make it look as if you threw on your shorts in a last minute rush to get out the door.

Wearing a t-shirt or vest top will allow you to relax your upper body in the most informal situations. Some better t-shirts that will look great with acceptable linen shorts are still available, so it’s just a matter of experimenting with various outfit combinations until you discover one that works for you.

Finding a pair of shorts with the correct length for your physique is also quite crucial. While some individuals may get away with wearing shorts that are mid-thigh in size, it is preferable to look for shorts just above the knees.

What Kind Of Material Should I Choose For My Jacket?

Jackets are available in a range of different material alternatives, so when pairing them with shorts, you’ll want to think about the appearance and texture of the material.

If you’re wearing this outfit amid summer, you’ll want to choose a material that is both breathable and lightweight so that you don’t get hot. Although wool was used to make traditional suit jackets, it may seem excessively formal when worn with shorts; therefore, it is recommended to avoid wearing it with your shorts.

A cotton jacket is a good choice for a casual coat that may be worn with shorts. When it comes to material, it’s a lightweight and breathable option that’s perfect for the summer months. Cotton coats are available in various weights, so choose a lighter weight for this particular outfit combo. However, you don’t want it to be too weak because it will lose its form and become useless.

Linen is one of the most excellent jacket materials for the summer since it is the lightest and most breathable. Because of this, it is perfect for a more informal atmosphere, but it has the problem of being easily creased and crinkled.

A jacket made of light linen will give you a more relaxed appearance, but darker variations are also available. Fabrics such as silk and velvet should be reserved for evening wear since they would seem over the top when worn with shorts.

How To Wear Your Jacket And Shorts

2(X)IST Men’s Spring/Summer 2015

In addition to considering the design and color of your attire, you’ll want to consider how you’ll finish the ensemble. Patterns on whatever you wear below the jacket should be avoided at all cost unless you are aiming for something like street styles or beach casual, like the model pictured to the right.

Using too many colors and patterns may result in a messy appearance, and the outfit will quickly become unrecognizable. Keep your accessories to a bare minimum, including pocket squares and ties, to avoid seeming cluttered. While they look fantastic when worn with a complete suit, they may seem a bit absurd when worn with shorts or jeans.

When it comes to accessorizing, make things as simple as possible. To keep your shorts looking clean and uncluttered, avoid wearing a belt with embellishments; if you must, stick to a single, neutral tone. The first guideline is to avoid wearing socks when it comes to footwear, unless you are wearing cropped socks for comfort that don’t show above the ankle.

Tall socks may make the whole outfit seem a bit goofy and detract from what might otherwise be a terrific ensemble. Clean white shoes that stop below the ankle and a pair of shorts will create a smart-casual look that will not draw too much attention to yourself.

Alternatively, loafers may be worn to create a more casual atmosphere and image. Avoid wearing Oxford shoes under any circumstances. These shoes are far too formal and eye-catching, and they will clash with the rest of your outfit.

Bottom Line

Summertime jackets and shorts are beautiful, but they should only be worn with care. If you want to put together an excellent smart-casual ensemble, you’ll want to consider the material of both your shorts and blazer.

Caution should be used, though. This is a style that not many guys can pull off since it goes against the grain of traditional suiting. The shorts themselves aren’t the problem; instead, it’s finding the perfect occasion to wear this unusual ensemble — it’s more of a celebratory or weekend outfit than formal business clothing.

Nonetheless, it is customary for the shorts to have the same color as the suit jacket and be tailored to the body. You should keep in mind that you are not wearing pool shorts, but rather dress shorts, and that they should be fitted and sit just above the knees. 

Shorts that are too baggy or swim shorts will not do the trick. Another regulation to follow is the no-socks rule, which should be observed. If you’re wearing a suit jacket with shorts, you may skip the socks since the outfit is meant to be casual for the summer.

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