How to Put on a Belt Buckle Without Snaps

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Putting on a belt is usually pretty easy since the buckle simply snaps on, but what about those belts that don’t have snaps? When it comes to belts without snaps, too often, consumers limit their choices simply because they are not familiar with how a simple but foreign mechanism works.

Don’t worry. In this article, you simply need to read on to understand how to put on a belt buckle without snaps so that you can broaden your fashion horizons.

How to Put on a Belt Buckle Without Snaps 2

How to Put on a Belt Buckle Without Snaps

1. Western Belts and Belt Buckles

Western belts might be popular among cowboys and cowgirls, but they’re a huge fashion statement and are quite common when looking for something slightly different to wear. You don’t need to don a Stetson or even a pair of cowboy boots to get some western flair so long as you know how to work a western belt buckle. Unfortunately, too many people don’t.

First, although many belts do come with the buckle, it’s also possible to get the buckle by itself. In fact, for those who use and enjoy western belts, this is the most common option.

If you’re going with your own belt and buckle, choose the type of belt that you will be wearing with the buckle carefully. This is important because the buckle tends to be heavier and bigger, which means that thin belts or flimsy materials simply won’t work. A leather that can properly support the denser metal of the western belt buckle is key unless you want the buckle to sag.

Once you’ve chosen your belt, place it down so that the end with buttons faces your new buckle. Place the buckle down so that the side with the clip faces the belt. To attach it, slide the belt through the buckle’s clip until the clip’s bar is centered between both the buttons and where the buttons are attached. Now, fold the buckle and secure it to one of the belt’s buttons.

Finally, you can now put the belt on as you would any belt, securing the two ends as they meet.

2. Double-D Belt Rings

Belts typically come with these rings already in place and working them is a piece of cake once you’ve learned how it’s done. They’re so easy to use, in fact, that you’ll want to put them on all types of belts! Best of all, double-D belt rings are very forgiving of the material of the belt compared to western belts, especially when using a lighter metal.

Start by simply threading your belt along the pant’s loops as you normally would until the D rings are in the same position as a normal belt buckle. Take the loose end of your belt and put it through both D-rings. Now, keep the two D-rings separate so that there is sufficient space for your belt to go between the two. You can now loop this end back over to the D-rings, folding it over.

Now, guide this end through both of the D-rings, but go over the first ring and under the second. Once this is done, pull until you have a comfortable but tight fit. Believe it or not, that’s all there is to it. Nevertheless, if it’s the first time that you’re doing it, you might need to do it a second time to get it just right.

How to Put on a Belt Buckle Without Snaps 3

If done correctly, the D-rings will rest flush with your pants. It’s okay to have a bit of the loose end leftover, which, as with any belt, you can simply tuck through the nearest belt loop.

3. Autogrip Buckles

These types of buckles go by a lot of names and are sometimes also called military belts or utility belts or some similar variation. As you can tell from the name, they’re designed to be quick and convenient.

These belt buckles can be intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with them, but they’re probably the easiest on the list! For this simple buckle, all you need to do is feed the belt through the loops in your pants and slide the loose end through the buckle. Once comfortably tight, use your free hand to grasp the buckle, which has a bar accessible from the top and bottom. Grab both ends of the bar and slide it from right to left.

And, that’s it! This simple buckle is easy to use but offers a powerful hold that won’t go anywhere. That said, it’s pretty limited in its appeal since it’s a distinctly casual style of buckle.


There are many types of buckles out there, and most belts come with the buckle already attached to the belt. Unfortunately, many consumers forego potential fashion statements simply because they don’t know how to use the buckle. Luckily, you can use this guide to learn how to operate the most common ones.

Additionally, know that just about any buckle can be removed from a belt. This opens the door to putting on just about any buckle you’d like, or to put your favorite buckle on another belt. Just remember basic fashion tips, and that the material of the belt needs to support the buckle itself!

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