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Loafers are the pinnacle in traditional footwear and include some of the most fashionable modern styles. It’s always a good idea to have a pair or two in your closet, as they are simplistic and readily adaptable to wear with many outfits and in many seasons. However, keep in mind that how you dress your loafers is important. To help you achieve a perfect balance, we’ve put together professional advice on dressing in loafers at work.

So, is it okay to wear loafers at work every day? Yes, loafers may be worn to work if you are in an office setting. However, certain loafer designs are deemed more formal than others, so it will be important to keep this in mind as you put together your work appropriate ensemble.

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about wearing loafers to work, including ideas on how to style your loafers and which types of loafers are appropriate for the workplace.

Styling Loafers At Work

For those who work in an environment where the dress code specifically states that you must wear laced shoes, you have your answer. However, if your employer openly states that they do not have a dress code, or if your workplace is commonly recognized for having a lenient dress code, you’ll certainly be looking for ways to dress your loafers up or down to suit your environment.

Like the bow tie, loafers are one of the menswear accessories that are often disregarded by the public. This is because they are sometimes connected with the notion of being too difficult to pull off or being excessively preppy.

However, loafers are a simple and effective method to elevate your style despite possible negative connotations. They are very versatile shoes that may be worn for various occasions ranging from a casual weekend to a black-tie event with ease. You just have to know a few general guidelines which we’ll explain below.

1. Tailored Clothing

In every situation, loafers pair well with form-fitting attire; think slender, contemporary, and tapered styles when wearing loafers in a formal environment. Loafers are sleek and basic in design, and the trousers that go with them should have a similar look. Despite having some latitude in terms of what you wear on top, your pants should ideally adhere to this recommendation.

2. Loafers And Chinos

Loafers and chinos may also be a terrific match when worn together. Both chinos and loafers have a relaxed but classy style; pairing them together results in a fantastic smart casual look. This pair is excellent for semi-formal daytime occasions, such as luncheons. Simply add a dress shirt, jacket, and, if desired, a tie to complete your ensemble.

3. Jeans And Loafers

Replace your ordinary shoes and pants with loafers and jeans if you want to improve your casual clothing. By pairing loafers with fitted denim, you’ll be able to transform these casual pants to a more refined look quickly. 

However, you should be cautious about what you choose to put on top. While a basic T-shirt may make your loafers seem too formal and out of place, a cotton shirt or rollneck sweater will be an ideal match.

4. Pants And Loafers

A pair of loafers may be an outstanding footwear choice whether you’re dressed up or down in a complete suit or pants with a shirt and jacket. These expensive but easygoing shoes are ideal for formal clothing with a bit of personality. Their versatility makes them particularly well suited for cocktail parties when you want to look stylish but not dreary.

5. Loafers With A Pair Of Socks

Most people will tell you that wearing loafers implies you don’t have to wear socks. To be honest, both appearances (with and without socks) are effective; it’s simply an issue of how you go about it.

When going sockless, we recommend using no-show socks. They are the quickest and most effective method of protecting your shoes and avoiding damp or blistered feet. If you opt not to wear socks at all, try using a foot powder and not wearing the loafers for more than one day in a row to enable them to dry properly.

Choosing socks is straightforward since they will be more visible than with other shoes; select a pair that complements the rest of your outfit rather than one that contrasts. Solid and unobtrusive colors are the most straightforward to wear. Patterned socks aren’t totally out of the question, but they do need a little more thinking and planning.

6. Loafers With A Suit And Tie

If you’re going to wear loafers with a suit, it should be a more casual suit rather than a three-piece suit. We’re talking about transitional pieces such as a tailored linen suit or a cotton jacket with tailored pants. Darker hues, basic features, and high-quality materials should be used to create a cohesive look with both the loafers and the suit.

Types Of Loafers For Men

Loafers, which were once confined to usage as casual shoes, soon gained popularity and were more widely available with the introduction of many styles of loafers. With the large selection of loafer styles accessible to men, a loafer type suits every event and dress code.

The following are the many sorts of loafers available on the market.

Horsebit Loafers

Horsebit loafers, also known as Gucci loafers, are distinguished by adding a metal clasp at the front of the shoe, which creates a specific style that distinguishes it from the rest.

For years, Gucci has been ranked among the best loafer companies, thanks to the popularity of the horsebit loafers, which have become a timeless fashion statement in their own right. Knowing how to wear loafers, such as the horsebit variety, will provide you with many possibilities if you want to dress in business casual attire.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are another timeless style statement that should be included in any gentleman’s shoe collection, regardless of age. This style is one of the better options available since it can quickly elevate your entire appearance by adding a degree of elegance when it comes to loafers. It also works well when transitioning from business attire to something more casual.

Snaffle Loafers

Horse snaffle loafers, which are associated with the Gucci brand, are embellished at the front of the shoe with a piece made from a horse snaffle. Maintain a classic aesthetic while selecting the finest loafer shoes in this style by choosing colors and materials that are traditional. In such situations, leather is your best option, and it may be paired with slim-fitting chinos and a smart casual shirt to complete your look.

Slip-On Loafers

Many options will work to your advantage when it comes to styling slip-on loafers. If you are trying for a more casual look, you may experiment with bolder colors, such as red loafers, but be sure to keep the rest of your clothing in sync with your shoes. 

Casual loafers and jeans are often an unexpected match since they go nicely together, as long as the jeans are fitted and hole-free. Additionally, suede loafers are absolutely in style and go wonderfully with light summertime outfits.

Tassel Loafers

Putting on a pair of black loafers will work well in producing a casual business appearance, particularly if the outside stitch design adds an embellished touch. Tassel loafers are always on-trend because of their adaptability. 

While the loafer is often leather-made, suede is an excellent alternative material. Also, suede will provide you extra flexibility when it comes to matching your tassel loafer to a variety of dress standards.

Tassel loafers look great with a well-fitting cotton suit or a pair of slim chinos, and they go well with a variety of colors like navy, brown, beige, khaki, and many more.

Apron Loafer

Apron loafers are distinguished by the presence of visible edges or stitches at the shoe’s toe. Apron loafers, also known as moc toe loafers, are characterized by a different strip of leather that extends from the bottom of the top line around the whole shoe. The stitching line created as a consequence provides the appearance of a ‘crease’ between the top of the toe and the bottom of the shoe.

What Loafers Are Best For Work?

Suede loafers are a great choice if you want something that will go with everything. Suede is quite versatile since it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Suede loafers also have a little substance to them, which contributes to the overall dimension of your shoes rather beautifully. 

These shoes are also appropriate for semi-formal ensembles since they are neither too casual nor too formal in their appearance. Also suggested are leather loafers; nevertheless, we cannot emphasize enough that the type of shoe will make a significant impact on how good you look.

Keep in mind that you may use patent leather versions for more formal events if you wish. Genuine patent leather has a high gloss finish that provides a beautiful sheen to simple shapes while dressing up your outfit.

What Is The Most Flattering Loafer Color?

While black is a standard color for the loafer, a range of other colors may be more adaptable. For instance, dusty brown loafers are a great pair to have since they go with a wide variety of color schemes and can be worn for casual and more formal occasions.

Navy is another great color to consider since it pairs nicely with neutrals such as beige, white, emerald green, and more. Furthermore, navy looks fantastic in both leather and suede. 

Burgundy is another popular choice. It is astonishing how adaptable it is and how effectively it can be used to liven up your clothing. If you’re looking for a pair of loafers that will go with neutrals, beige will be a good choice since it will enhance tanned skin.

Outfits For Loafers

Here are a few ideas for outfits to wear with loafers so you can get your creativity flowing.


Essentially, a casual loafer is anything made of sued or has more than two colors, except for tassel loafers, which are considered formal. These may be paired with almost anything except basketball shorts, ranging from a tee and jeans to chinos and button-ups. Put on a pair of loafers instead of your customary shoes to instantly elevate your look and inject some sophistication into it.

Consider a pair of leather loafers in a single or two-tone color scheme for a more business-casual look. Dressing up in a suit or wearing your favorite blazer and pants is a highly stylish choice.

In an office environment, loafers aren’t considered more formal than business casual dress. Because of their origins in informal clothing, there is a negative connotation associated with wearing them in formal settings, making them unsuitable for certain professional business environments.

Surprisingly, the loafer can be worn in a formal environment outside the workplace, so you may feel comfortable wearing a pair to a formal dinner or black-tie event without feeling uncomfortable.

Smart Casual

Men’s loafers with the smart casual dress code are fantastic matches that exude a clear sense of elegance and sophistication. It’s important to remember that smart casual is almost always significantly more “smart” than it is “casual.” You may wear penny loafers with virtually every outfit since they are the most adaptable footwear. 

Loafers may be included in your smart-casual ensemble for a more sophisticated approach to daywear. You’ll be amazed at how much a slight change in footwear, such as switching from your typical sneakers to loafers, can elevate the appearance of your ensemble.

Keeping them from being too formal or overdressed is the key to success in this situation. More flexible materials will allow you to wear them with various outfits, including more casual ones. Suedes and lightweight textured loafers are excellent choices for this.


Loafers are particularly well-suited to unclear dress standards since they provide the impression of being dressed up while remaining comfortable and uncomplicated. Choosing traditional hues to complement your pants and dress shirts is the best way to get a guaranteed semi-formal outfit.

Shoes that go nicely with preppy blazers are loafers and oxfords. However, remember to keep the tones of your clothing within the same color pallet. To channel traditional Americana looks in the interim between seasons, pair your loafers with cable-knit sweaters and shawl neck cardigans that you can put over your shoulders.

Keep in mind that suede performs very well for less specific dress requirements. Additionally, be certain that your attire is well-tailored. To add a splash of color to your semi-formal ensembles, try cherry reds, emerald greens, or cobalt blue loafers, but be sure to style them with prudence. Brighter loafers should be paired with more subtle, classic tones such as navies and whites so that they provide a subtle pop of color to your outfits.


The secret to wearing loafers for formal occasions is to pick the appropriate material for the shoes. Adding patent leather to formal ensembles may provide a lot of depth and complexity. 

However, be sure to use patent leather loafers in timeless hues such as black to keep things looking somewhat basic. If you want to take a different approach, choose more textured loafers to make your shoes stand out more.

Final Thoughts

Underdressing for work may be a real pain in the neck. It isn’t the end of the world, but it isn’t the best of situations either. This is particularly true if you want to create an excellent first impression of someone.

The truth is that loafers may pose an issue in the future, and wearing them is not a choice that should be made lightly. However, many pairs of loafers would blend in flawlessly with most office environments.

To make an informed selection, you must consider each pair of shoes and every distinct set of working conditions.

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