Male Nose Rings – Complete Guide

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Once seen as unprofessional, the nose ring has recently grown in popularity among fashionable young men. They make for excellent accessories that you can use to enhance your appearance and show your edgy side while remaining in the realm of contemporary fashion. Piercing your nose is certainly an interesting way to change up your look.

So, what are the best male nose rings? The most effective nose rings are those that are adaptable to different styles, constructed of high-quality materials, and easy to wear. Depending on where you work, you may also want to consider one that’s easy to take off and put back on in order to adhere to a professional dress code.

In this post, you will learn about the many varieties of male nose rings, how to style your nose rings, and the reasons why a nose ring might be the perfect thing to elevate your look.

Types of Men’s Nose Rings

The following are several varieties of nose rings for men.

1. Captive Bead And Bar Closure Nose Rings

If you want a circular ring, you have quite a few options to choose from. The first of them, a captive bead ring, features a little ball kept in place by the ring’s tension. Unlike the bar closure noseband, which seems to be one solid piece, it is composed of a bit of component that slides out to enable the bar closure noseband to be placed within the nose ring.

2. Fishtail Nose Ring

If you’re looking for a nose ring custom-made for you, consider the fishtail nose ring. After you have purchased a long bar, usually 19 mm in length, you simply take it to your preferred piercer and they will prepare it for you by measuring your nose with a special tool before bending the metal bar to fit your nostrils.

One of the best things about these rings is that there are many different styles, such as those with jewels, balls, or other shapes and materials at the point.  

3. Hoop Nose Ring

The hoop nose ring style is one of the most trendy because, as with other earrings, hoops are always incredibly fashionable and trendy. Silver and gold metallic hues and many different colors are available, as well as different sizes and patterns for you to choose from.

The designers of nose rings are becoming more and more creative with this particular kind of nose ring with each passing day. If you want something that will draw attention to yourself while matching the rest of your clothing, going with a gold or silver hoop nose ring is the best choice. The advantage of this is more obvious if you don’t want to take out your nose ring every day and replace it with another one, which is ideal.

4. Fake Nose Ring

As the name says, fake nose rings can be inserted into your nose even if it has not been pierced yet. These nose rings are often made of bendable metal, which allows them to fit snugly in the nose. Specific fake nose rings are designed to be somewhat flexible, enabling you to pinch and tighten them as needed.

Because the brands that manufacture fake nose rings currently do such a good job, it might be difficult to tell the difference between them and genuine nose rings. 

Whether you’re thinking about having your nose pierced but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for you, or even if you’d never consider getting your nose pierced, wearing a fake nose ring for a few days may be a lot of fun.

5. Gemstone Nose Ring

Although gemstone nose rings are available in various forms and patterns, they all have one thing in common: they are all set with a breathtaking gemstone. Whatever the wearer’s favorite color is, the gemstone may be used to complement other jewelry. Gemstone nose rings, in whatever form they take, provide a touch of elegance and flair to your ensemble and direct attention back to your face.

6. L-Shaped Nose Ring

As the name indicates, these L-shaped nose rings are made at a 90-degree angle to resemble the letter “L.” The nose rings fit firmly, making them a great option. Additionally, they are easier to wear than many other types of nose rings.

From top to bottom, they are usually a little longer than 7 millimeters, and in other cases, they are much shorter. Additionally, they are available in both left and right variants, which make them suitable for anyone, not to mention the flawless fit, the variety of shapes and patterns, and the ease of insertion.

7. Labret Nose Ring

A labret nose ring is made up of a stud with a flat disk on one end and a detachable gemstone or ball on the other end, both of which are attached to a chain. Although they are not often used in nose piercings, many individuals use them as a nose ring. The detachable end is usually attached to the post by screws or simply by popping it into position.

Although labrets were not initially intended for use with nose piercings, they are very comfortable to wear and quite popular. Furthermore, they are an excellent alternative if the user has more than one piercing on the same side of the nose as the piercing.

Labrets must be placed from the rear, and they are typically 18-gauge. To make it simpler to wear your labret, you may use an insertion pin or go back to the person who performed the piercing for further assistance.

8. Septum Clickers

Augmenting the conventional forms of nose rings, such as the round barbell rings and the classic curved nose rings, septum clickers are a fantastic alternative to the traditional sorts of nose rings that are used for septum piercings.

Generally speaking, they are sold as a single piece and are made up of a straight bar at the top, which is inserted through your septum, and a circular hoop at the bottom, which is visible after it is inserted. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Unlike other types of nose rings, septum clickers are simple to insert, highly safe to wear, and can save you a lot of time since there are no small beads or studs to remove before putting them on. 

9. Nose Bone Ring

When it comes to nose bone rings, they’re studs that have been straightened and then slightly flared at one end to produce a little ball that is utilized to protect the ring from falling out. Nose bone rings should only be used after your piercing has healed completely. If your piercing has not yet healed, it is better not to wear them.

10. Nostril Screw Nose Ring

The nostril screw is one of the most popular varieties of nose rings, and it is made up of bars that are roughly one inch long and bent in the shape of a C. It is available in many different colors. 

This ring style is placed into your nose with a twisting action, making it seem as though the jewelry is being screwed into your nose. Some nostril screws are provided already bent, while others have a straight bar bent to provide a more secure and unique fit.

Male Nose Rings Styling Tips

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Here are some suggestions on how to style male nose rings.

  • To get this casual-grungy style, wear your basic silver septum ring with a simple white T-shirt, leather jacket, and jeans.
  • Combining nose jewelry with bright bohemian fabrics can create a summery, casual, and fun look.
  • The key to dressing appropriately for a formal function is to keep things simple. A modest diamond stud or a tiny metal stud would suffice in this case.

Top Nose Ring Materials

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Here are the top nose ring materials.

  • Platinum

Rhine rings are made of platinum, a lovely silver-colored metal that is utilized in various jewelry designs. There are several benefits of wearing platinum nose rings. Some of them are as follows:

  1. It is hypoallergenic, meaning that it will never create a rash or any other form of skin irritation when used correctly.
  2. It is low-maintenance, requiring just regular steaming at the jeweler or home cleaning.
  3. It is attractive, glossy, and smooth.
  • Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is an incredibly durable metal, and nose rings made of stainless steel are capable of withstanding the wear and tear that comes with daily life. It is a robust metal that is corrosion-resistant due to the presence of an invisible layer of chromium that prevents any form of oxidation from taking place. 

Wearers on a tight budget will like the fact that stainless steel is not a valuable metal like gold or bronze, as this means it is more affordable and accessible.

  • Titanium

Titanium is a chemical element particularly well suited for jewelry applications, including nose rings. It is glossy, robust, and has low density while also possessing a lovely silver hue.

It is resistant to corrosion, even when exposed to saltwater or chlorine, which means that you may swim while wearing a titanium nose ring without fear of it rusting.

Aside from that, titanium nose rings are delightful to wear. Some people think they even have health advantages, such as pain reduction and the restoration of the body’s equilibrium, in addition to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive.

  • Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy that contains more than 92% pure silver, with the remaining portion consisting of a mixture of one or more other metals. Sterling silver is commonly used to make jewelry and other delicate items. 

Copper is the most common metal to be added to silver, resulting in sterling alloy. As a result, the alloy helps to strengthen and harden the silver.

Sterling silver is also a gorgeous metal, and it is pretty popular among jewelry enthusiasts, particularly those who are interested in purchasing nose rings. Jewelry made of sterling silver has a lovely sheen, never tarnishes, and retains its value over time, making it the ideal material for nose rings and other forms of jewelry.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic is a complex, transparent, plastic-like substance formed from polymers of either acrylates or acrylic acid. It may be used to make a variety of products. Acrylic nose rings are often constructed of synthetic resins and other materials, and the significant benefit of utilizing acrylic for nose rings is that it is solid and long-lasting.

Acrylic is very durable and will likely last a lifetime if you select the right piece when it comes to jewelry. It’s also quite tough to harm or destroy it once it’s been manufactured. This makes it an excellent choice when looking for a piece of jewelry that is visually appealing, virtually durable, and reasonably priced, as described above.

  • BioPlast

Bioplast jewelry, such as nose rings, is compatible with the body and may be worn by anybody of any age. Therefore, bioplast nose rings are considerably less likely to induce skin irritation or any form of allergic response than conventional nose rings.

In addition to nose rings, bioplast is also employed in creating jewelry for the brows, lips, nipples, and navels, among other body parts and parts of the body. Furthermore, the bioplast is simple to sterilize, making it an excellent choice for initial piercings. It may also help nose rings and other jewelry to mend the skin surrounding them far more swiftly, making it a perfect choice for piercings in any location.

What Are the Benefits Of Wearing A Nose Ring?

Thin Nose Ring

The following are the most compelling arguments for why a nose ring might be good for you.

  • To Improve Your Image

Wearing a nose ring conveys a fantastic impression. Even piercing your nose can work wonders if you want to represent yourself as a more self-assured person than you already are.

  • To Boost Your Beauty

To be honest, nose rings are lovely. This is especially true today since jewelry designers always introduce new and stunning styles for people to appreciate. The use of a nose ring is an excellent alternative when you want to decorate your body with something that is both eye-catching and lovely in appearance.

  • A Discreet Selection

Nose rings can be pretty inconspicuous, especially if you opt for a smaller gauge, ideal for individuals who value this element. Because most conservative jobs allow for the wearing of stud nose rings, your employer will likely let you retain the ring in your nose. 

Additionally, many nose rings are almost entirely undetectable or straightforward to conceal, making them an excellent choice for elderly persons who want to wear nose rings.

  • Express Your Individuality

Having any body piercing, including a nose piercing, is a fantastic way to show your personality. Because there are so many types of nose rings to choose from, you can simply express yourself in a variety of ways. As a result, it makes for an excellent addition to your clothing collection.

Final Thoughts

Nose rings are a popular choice for body jewelry piercings, but they are by no means the only option available when it comes to nasal jewelry. It is possible to find many kinds of nose rings in various shapes and styles, ranging from nostril screw designs to circular barbell forms to nose bone rings.

We hope this complete reference on nose rings has helped you understand the many varieties of nose rings and how to style them.

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