Mio Marino Ratchet Click Belt for Men Review

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The Mio Marino Ratchet Click Belt for Men offers an immediately-recognizable, classic look. The design is as simple as it is timeless and is at-home just about anywhere. Underneath this design, however, is the unique ratchet system, which does away with the need for fits that are too loose or too tight.

Too many belts require compromising on a fit that’s ultimately either uncomfortable or not secured. Mio Marino Ratchet Click Belt for Men aims to eradicate this problem with a belt that provides a custom fit and can even be trimmed easily and quickly. Despite all of these, this belt still looks amazing.

Mio Marino Ratchet Click Belt for Men Review

Every purchase comes with a single Mio Marino Ratchet Click Belt for Men, which is available in a very generous range of 23 colors and buckle styles. All have the goal of providing a timeless appearance that’s as at home on a pair of a cowboy’s jeans as they are at an office party, owing to the classic style each of the 23 draws from.

The goal is also comfort, which the belt uses the ratchet system to achieve. This special system does away with traditional holes that provide a limited number of fits. Whereas traditional belts with holes offer perhaps eight fit sizes, Mio Marino’s ratchet system offers 38 positions.

Who Is this Product for?

Mio Marino has intelligently designed their belt to be very utilitarian. Since it has a classic belt design, it features an understated elegance that fits just about anywhere—whether at home, at work, or at formal occasions.

Of course, some may prefer gaudier or more outrageous designs, but the simple design behind this belt should match any wardrobe or personality.

Since the belt is just as accommodating in its fit, it is also designed for men who find that traditional belts are either too tight or too loose. Even men who are in perfectly sound shape and have a belt in their size may encounter this problem.

What’s Included?

Included in every purchase is a single Mio Marino Ratchet Click Belt for Men. Also included is a free gift box, making this belt an excellent present. This also ensures the belt ships safely and can easily be presented from within the box.

Lastly, a 100% money-back guarantee is included as well. Through this guarantee, no questions asked, money is refunded, or an alternative is shipped out.

Overview of the Features

The features are what really sets the Marino Ratchet Click Belt for Men apart. First and foremost, the belt is made from 100% genuine leather. Another notable feature is durability. In addition to the belt’s durable genuine leather construction, the buckle is crafted from zinc alloy to resist scratching.

What’s more is that this belt features a classic design that is available in 23 color combinations so every man can have a look that’s timeless but also uniquely his.

Of course, of most interest is the ratchet system. Instead of the holes on traditional belts, the ratchet system in this belt provides 38 fine adjustments so that the fit is just right.

Should the belt prove to be too long, Mio Marino has also included the ability to trim the belt easily. On the inside of the band are cut indicators to assist with trimming to specific waist sizes, eliminating the need for unwanted excess.

How to Use this Ratchet Click Belt

First, choose the correct size range, which comes available in 28 to 44 inches or 38 to 54 inches. Upon arrival of the belt, you can then go ahead and wear it just like a traditional belt. The simple ratchet system allows the belt to snap into place easily at any comfortable position. Determine if the belt is too long for you. For those at the lower end of the waist range, this may be the case.

Luckily, trimming this belt is very simple. Just turn the buckle over and use a firm, long tool like a screwdriver to lift the security clamp that holds the belt in place. Then, remove the belt and find the specific waist size desired along the indicators on the back. Cut along the line with a pair of sharp scissors. Be careful not to overcut, however, as this can’t be undone!


  • Can be hand washed
  • A wide range of colors and sizes
  • Strong hard-wearing buckle


  • Not a long-lasting option


Bostanten Men’s Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

For those looking for a less classic look, the Bostanten Men’s Leather Ratchet Dress Belt is a great choice. Since it has more waist sizes available, it’s unlikely that most wearers will need to trim the belt. Nevertheless, it still uses a ratchet system and may be trimmed if the wearer so wishes. More than that, it also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a free gift box.


The Mio Marino Ratchet Click Belt for Men demonstrates that a comfortable belt using the ratchet system for a perfect fit can easily blend in with classic belts. Offering a timeless, stylish look with a precise hold, this belt is the perfect men’s belt for any occasion.

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