Who Makes the Best Leather Belts for Men?

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Wondering about who makes the best leather belts is a common thing, especially among men who put a lot of stock into their appearance.

It can be quite beneficial to have an assortment of different lengths and colors that adapt to every outfit you have in your wardrobe, but they should be of the highest quality.

Some belt designers have unique and appealing leather belts for casual and formal events, but just because they’re from a “name brand” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best.

In this guide, we’ll go over the top belt designers and what to look for when you’re trying to choose the best belt for any occasion.

Who Makes the Best Leather Belts?

From Calvin Klein to Amazon, there are numerous belt manufacturers any guy can choose from. Here are the top brands that men love:

Affordable Brands

1. Mio Marino

If you’re in the market for a traditional leather belt that would be paired perfectly with a more formal outfit, such as a suit or a tuxedo, Mio Marino is a fantastic brand.

All of their accessories are made with great attention to detail.

They are fully adaptable to any situation, especially if you want to dress up an ordinary pair of pants.

Along with their assortment of leather belts, they also have shoes, gloves, socks, watches, and umbrellas—everything that you need to add a little bit of extra flair to your wardrobe.

One of the most important things to look for in any belt is its durability, as you’ll want it to last several months of regular wear, if not longer.

Mio Marino’s list of products is made from genuine leather and has a unique construction that allows them to maintain their shape and style for longer.

Overall, they’re affordable and comfortable belts for the everyday man.

2. Dickies

As a brand that is well known for its casual and workwear, Dickies is also one of the more common brands to come across when searching for affordable leather belts.

You may even be able to find their collection at your local big box store, which makes them even easier to acquire at the last minute.

Most of their belts are available in either brown or black leather, though you may be able to find light brown leather belts, as well.

The style of Dickies belts is unique, as they have a stocky yet straightforward aesthetic that matches your masculine personality.

They also have an assortment of versatile and convenient features, such as double-prong closures and sewn-in metal plates, to ensure the belt maintains its shape.

Another benefit of this brand is that they have an assortment of sizes for men who wear 30” to 40” pants.

3. Columbia

A great way to make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality yet affordable belt is to consider outdoor brands, such as Columbia.

They have an extensive selection of high-end products, such as jackets and boots, but also have quite a few belts to choose from that are more affordable than you’d think.

As an added benefit, customers will receive the Columbia warranty with every purchase, which allows you to ensure that the quality of the belt holds up the entire time you own it.

What we love the most about Columbia leather belts is that they are comfortable to wear, as they are meant for men who are hiking, portaging, or even riding bikes.

You’ll also love how highly adaptable the majority of their styles are, as you can typically find shiny leather for formal occasions and worn leather for a more casual look.

Also, compared to most other brands, Columbia has an assortment of colors to choose from, including black, light and dark brown, and white.

4. Timberland

As the last affordable belt brand we’ll explore, Timberland is a little higher on the price spectrum, but it’s also a very renowned brand.

Worn by numerous celebrities, these belts have a striking aesthetic that you can pair with any outfit.

Even if you were to buy a more casual style, you’d find that it’s simple to wear with a business suit or a formal tuxedo.

Instead of relying on a blend of materials, Timberland’s belts are made from 100% leather, so you can guarantee you are getting your money’s worth.

Their styles are also known for their comfort, as the buckle is typically flat to offer a more seamless aesthetic.

Many options also have antique finishings, such as a brushed nickel or a brushed bronze buckle, which is slightly different from other manufacturers on the market.

During manufacturing, there are plenty of features added to these belts to prolong their longevity.

One of the most important is precision manufacturing, which pays close attention to the seams of the belt, ensuring they offer maximum durability.

With the tight stitching and precision manufacturing, you can even use their belts as work belts, if you desire.

Luxury Brands

1. Salvatore Ferragamo

If your budget suggests that you should be looking into luxury belt brands, Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the most notable to consider.

With an assortment of different styles, leather grains, and colors, these belts are designed to impress any man who wants to set the right impression.

What makes these belts unique is that they are created in Italy using the highest quality leather possible.

Salvatore Ferragamo belts are crafted using calfskin with a rich grain, which helps to create a more elevated aesthetic.

You’ll also notice their branded buckle, which is entirely dissimilar to other brands, so others will know what luxury brand you’re wearing that day.

Ideal for the type of man who likes a style that is outside of the norm, we highly recommend considering this luxury brand.

2. Christian Louboutin

Most people have heard of Christian Louboutin due to their brilliant shoe designs, but they are also quite well known because of their accessories.

For example, the Louis Spike Leather Belt has a plaque of black spiked studs on the buckle that are situated against a bright red background.

Similar to the Salvatore Ferragamo belts, you can guarantee that when wearing a Louboutin piece, people will know precisely what designer you have on.

All of the leather belts available from the brand offer the highest quality so you can comfortably wear the belt more than once.

Most styles are crafted using mid-grain leather and are manufactured in Italy with impeccable attention to detail.

Christian Louboutin is a fantastic brand for any guy who likes more modern pieces to add a little uniqueness to casual and formal outfits.

3. MCM

With plenty of expensive belts to choose from, MCM is one of the most recognizable brands that use an insignia on most of their products.

Unlike the other two luxury brands we’ve discussed, this designer wants to make it known that you are wearing their styles.

These leather belts are best worn for casual purposes, though if you opted for a black/black style, you could pair it with a more formal outfit.

Each of the belts from MCM is made from calfskin leather, similar to Salvatore Ferragamo.

An added benefit is that some of the belts are reversible, offering a solid color on one side and a printed design on the other.

We highly recommend investing in a belt that has both, so you can have full control over the style you want to wear that day.

You will also find the majority of MCM belts have a large insignia buckle that offers a very distinctive edge to your style.

What to Look for in the Best Leather Belt

who makes the best leather belts

Now that you know what brands are the most recommended for leather belts, it’s time to think about what features the best one will have.

As earlier mentioned, just because an item is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect design for you.

For example, you wouldn’t want to wear a Christian Louboutin belt to work outside in a chemical plant when you could opt for a high-quality and rugged Dickies belt instead.

Leather Quality

Just because a belt advertises that it is leather doesn’t mean that it is 100% genuine leather.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most used tricks in the book by manufacturers, as many use a blend of materials that aren’t pure leather.

You may notice in product descriptions there may be polyurethane, canvas, or patent leather used to make the belt, which can affect its integrity and appearance.

If you’re taking the time to search for a leather belt, ensure it is made from 100% authentic leather so that it lasts the longest and maintains the style you have always wanted.


It can be a great idea to try on a belt before deciding whether to buy it or not, as you’ll want to make sure it is fully adjustable.

However, many manufacturers have made buying belts even more comfortable as you can simply choose a design that is the same pant size that you wear.

Some may also suggest going up a size or going down a size, but it all depends on the specific manufacturer.

Bodies change, and when you invest in a leather belt, you’re going to want it to grow or shrink with you.

Ideally, you should have at least three or four extra holes to allow for larger or smaller adjustments.

An adjustable belt can surely help you to save a lot of money on having to buy new ones if you wind up gaining or losing weight.

Stitch Quality

The integrity of your belt has a lot to do with stitching that puts it together, just like the clothing you have in your closet.

With that said, you’re going to want to make sure the stitch quality on your desired leather belt is built to last over years of daily wear.

Most manufacturers will use double-stitching methods or precision stitching to ensure the buckle stays in place, and the materials don’t start to fray.

You may also want to ensure there is stitching on the belt, as some of the less expensive leather belts on the market use glue to keep the belt together.

A good tip for determining stitch quality is to make a note if threads are fraying in sensitive areas of the belt.

If so, then it could mean that it’s not the highest quality design that you can find.

Finish and Color

Even though leather belts are all made from the same material, they don’t all look and feel the same.

One of the easiest ways to tell if belts are for formal or casual events is to take a look at its finish.

You’ll find that shiny and glossy belts are best for formal occasions, while matte leather belts are better for casual occasions.

Most men decide that they want to match their belt to their shoes, which makes sense while opting for a glossy belt for a formal event.

You will want to make sure the leather has a brilliant finish that is identical to your shoes for a perfectly matching ensemble.

It’s also essential to make a note of the color of the belt you are choosing, as it will also need to match your shoes.

For a traditional and classic aesthetic, black shoes should always work with a black belt.

Many men find that it’s convenient to have a black and brown belt at their disposal, as it allows them to change up their style every other day.

You’ll also find that it’s incredibly convenient to have two belts to choose from instead of one.

Buckle Type

The last part of a belt you’ll want to pay close attention to is the buckle, as it can make or break the entire look of your outfit.

Buckles are also wholly responsible for determining the comfort level of a particular belt, as a plate might not be as comfortable as a regular frame for someone who sits down all day.

The four main buckle styles you’ll find on belts are the frame, plate, box frame, and ring.

Most often, belts are made with a frame or box frame style, as they are the most adaptable to everyday occasions.

Plate styles, on the other hand, are a fantastic option for bold and unique individuals who want to show off the aesthetic of their accessories.

Rings are less common, mostly because they don’t offer as much security as frame or box frame belts.

With ring closures, you’ll simply have to thread one end of the belt through the other, instead of putting a prong through a hole.

Final Thoughts

There are a wide variety of designers that have an extensive collection of leather belts, regardless of your budget.

By figuring out who makes the best leather belts, you can look fantastic no matter what you’re wearing.

In our opinion, opting for a Dickies or Timberland belt will give you the highest possible quality while also having plenty of styles to choose from.

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